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Fanttik X8 Portable Tire Inflator Green

150PSI Cordless Handheld Air Compressor with Large Digital Screen and LED Lights, Suitable for E-bikes, Cars, Balls, Motorcycles

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-Ultra-Lightweight: Weighing only 1.2 pounds(544g), the size is just like your phone or power bank and can be easily held in one hand while in use. The compact and lightweight design is easy storage fit in your pocket, bicycle rack, car or backpack.

-Easy to Use: 4 types of preset inflation modes are clearly displayed on the large LED screen, convenient for you to choose. The manual mode allows you to set pressure value according to the inflation object and the inflation stops automatically at the set pressure. Quite easy to use.

-Precise and Cordless Inflation: The large digital pressure gauge displays both the current and target side by side with +/- 1.5 psi accuracy. Wireless battery-charged design frees you from complicated cables-induced trouble and enables easy and fast air inflation.

-Multi-function Fast Inflating: Features with the high-performance chip and 150psi high-pressure capacity, this powerful air compressor inflates fast, tires of size 110/70 R17 can be filled in just 38 seconds(28-35PSI). Perfect for inflating motorcycles, cars, bikes, balls, swim rings and other inflatables.

-What You Get: 1*X8 Air Inflator, 1*Presta valve adaptor, 1*Nozzle and ball needle adapter, 1*Air tube, 1*USB cable, 1*Storage bag, 1*User manual.


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Q: How many psi does my tire need?
A: Each vehicle is different, and manufacturers will provide this information (usually on a sticker in the driver’s side door jamb or in the owner’s manual). It's typically around 30 to 35psi, depending on the weight of the vehicle.
Q: What should I do if I find a tire is completely flat?
A: If it's completely flat, you can check if it's punctured or not. Fill the tire up again and check after a little while if it's held its pressure or not. If air has been leaking, you may need to repair the tire or have it replaced.
Q: Can I run my engine while using the tire inflator?
A: It's best to turn the ignition off when inflating car tires.
Q: How can I check for slow punctures and leaks?
A: See if there’s a significant loss of pressure by checking the pressure from time to time. Check for leaks by spraying a soap & water solution on the valve or other areas of the tire. If there are bubbles present that grow in size, then there is a leak.
Q: What temperature can this be stored at in my car?
A: A temperature range of -10°C to 45°C (14°F to 113°F) is fine. Be sure to store in a dry, secure place.
Q: What types of tires can I inflate with it?
A: Standard passenger vehicles (cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, etc.) Motorcycles、Mountain bikes & road bikes、ATVs & quad-bikes、Lawn mowers、RVs and more
Q: How long does it take to reach a full charge?
A: About 2–2.5 hours. Be sure to use a certified 5V 3A adapter and the included charging cable to charge this product.
Q: What are the steps for using it?
A: Step 1: Select the right nozzle and connect to your tire valve. Step 2: Press and hold the Power Button for 2 seconds to turn on the device. Step 3: Select the mode using the mode button. If you know the correct pressures, use the manual mode and set the pressure using ‘+’ or ‘-’. Otherwise, choose the appropriate preset (car, motorcycle, bicycle, or ball). Step 4: Press the power button to start inflating. Inflation stops automatically at the set pressure. Step 5: Press and hold the Power Button for 2 seconds to turn off the device. Disconnect from the tire valve.

Fanttik X8 Portable Tire Inflator Green

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