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  • To celebrate Fanttik Day, as a token of appreciation for our loyal followers, we are going to make the FANTTIK day a FANT-as-TIK day for you!
  • We are giving away E1 PRO mini screwdrivers to four lucky winners, and a Grand Prize of a T8 APEX Jump starter or an X8 APEX tire inflator every week.
  • The 5 lucky winners will be randomly chosen, but you can add your chances by following us TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube(@fanttik_official). Being one of our prior customers will add to your chances as well!
  • Winners will be announced on our Tiktok and Facebook every Friday! In case you miss us, the winners’ list will be all on our website the following Monday. And we would email you after you got the prize!
  • So, what are you waiting for? Hop aboard the Fanttik train on Tiktok and Amazon Live to stay in the loop with every update on our exciting products, incredible deals, and unbelievable giveaways before anyone else! Remember,the more you follow, the more chances you raise for yourself to win! All our media kits are at the bottom of the website.



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May 27th:
Grand Prize: Will Smith gaiwm****
Lucky winners: Helon Dickson helo****
Joey Nicky joeys****

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