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Who We Are

Our Mission

Building a brand of technological innovation in a full range of HOME & DIY power tools.

  • Outstanding Design
  • Uncompromising Quality
  • Fearless Innovation
  • Continuous Improvement
Our Vision
  • Exploring human ingenuity in tools
  • Respecting the individual and creativity
  • Interpreting the ultimate interaction
    between tools and life
Core Value
  • Passion
  • Focus
  • Challenge

Style it. Create it.

Design Concept

In fanttik, the well-designed product is important because recognition is the first impression of us.
Definitely, we are more focused on the experience, and hope to upgrade the users' inherent knowledge of power tools, and explore the fun of DIY.
fanttik will be deeply rooted in the product.

Branding Story

Tools are everywhere in life, but the impression that tools leave on people is mostly RIGID, COLD and DISTANT.
The tools designed by fanttik are not only practical but also elegant, which can inspire people to discover the fun of DIY.
fanttik draws from "fantastic", meaning passion, focus and challenge. fanttik is trying to make some interesting changes to power tools, exploring human ingenuity in tools, and interpreting the ultimate interaction between tools and life.
fanttik is also a slogan that respect multiculturalism and pay a tribute to those who have the courage to pursue their passion for transcendence.

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