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Fanttik is a young and dynamic brand focused on outdoor and automotive products that provide everything you need
for the perfect road trip. We believe traveling is so much more than simply going from A to B, and our goal is to make
every inch of every trip as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible. Whether it's day-to-day travel, outdoor adventures,
or roadside emergencies, each of our products combines high-technology with down-to-earth practicality to give you
what you need. At Fanttik we explore, we innovate, and we make it happen.

Fanttik Brand Awards

主图 -Fanttik: Trailblazing in sustainability

Fanttik is committed to delivering not only the best automotive products but also creating a green sustainable future
for you and the future generation. Since the youth are in the driving seat of shaping the future, as a youthful
automotive brand, we take sustainability extremely seriously and implement it in an eclectic manner.

Harvard Business Review wrote, “Much research has focused on public interventions by policy makers—but the
findings can be harnessed by any organization that wishes to nudge consumers toward sustainable purchasing and
behavior.” – and we have aimed to do just that.

-Every product is aimed at sustainability

When it comes to living up to our words, we believe in delivering through our deeds, not mere words. As such, the
proof is in the pudding. Every line of our products is eco-friendly and has the primary intention of creating
a green future.

Our EVO 300 power station and solar panels are trivially built to reduce fossil fuel usage, and use and generate
sustainable energy, while encouraging a fun and eco-friendly lifestyle on the road. Indeed, they support home energy
storage that is economical yet sustainable. We believe in prevention, rather than cure.

Then comes our biggest attraction – the line of tire inflators and jump starters. Both our award-winning X8 Apex
line of tire inflators and T8 line of jump starters are engineered from the ground up in a sustainable fashion. We use
lithium-ion batteries instead of lead-acid ones as a contribution to leveraging less landfill and discouraging toxic gases.
It goes beyond manufacturing to use cases as well. Our flagships in the T8 Apex jump starter and X8 Apex tire
inflators are specifically engineered and also marketed towards electric vehicles (EVs). In fact, we initiated movements
to embrace EVs over fossil-fueled cars as a policy.

-Sustainability at the very Core

Not only are we delivering on the promise through our products, but also embracing the minimalistic green philosophy
in our packaging, alongside our offices.

We are using recyclable material in all our packaging, reducing the usage of plastic and non-perishable material.
One such transformation is eliminating single-use materials in packaging and production. We swapped out the usage
of bubble wrap with paper-based alternatives. This has translated into our manufacturing processes as well. Not a
single piece of metal ends up in landfills in our process workflow as we use biodegradable material every chance we
get, regardless of costs. Our engineers and manufacturing teams are pledged to the four pillars of the green
movement – human, social, environmental, and economic sustainability.

-Fanttik is Green Inside-out

On top of manufacturing and production, we have recognized sustainable offices throughout all our premises and
factories. Our factories have gone through a digital transformation where we use lighting, air conditioning, and server
stations in the most economical way possible. After work hours, our automated energy management system kicks in
only to keep mission-critical servers running. By policy and to the pleasure of all our employees, as of now, 60% of us
use EVs or electric scooters. In doing so, we are committing ourselves towards the eradication of any and all pollution.

-Concluding Thoughts

We, as a brand, have won numerous awards but the biggest accolade, we believe is to be able to play a vital role in
delivering a green a sustainable future. Join us in making the Earth more livable, enjoyable, and sustainable.

Our Values

Practicality, Innovation, Dedication, Exploration

Mission Statement

We never settle, because evolving is in progress. We aim to provide high-quality road trip products with exceptional value.

Our Vision

Empower every road trip enthusiast to enjoy the journey to the full. Become the first choice for road trips and lead the trend in the outdoor category.

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