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T8 APEX 65W Super-charging |
2000A Instant Jump Start


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Inspired by Carroll Shelby

We, Fanttik want to win it all, in both performance and style. We made the T8 APEX compact yet powerful. The racing stripe styling is our tribute to Mr. Shelby - a true hero in American racing history. His work on the Shelby Cobra was legendary, and teamed up with Ken Miles to develop the stunning GT40 helped Ford dominate Le Mans in the late 60s. Mr. Shelby with his cars led America into a golden era of racing, which we continue to be captivated by.


Charge Your Mobile Devices up to
6 times Faster

If you've never experienced 65W PD charging, now's the time to try! Fully charge a MacBook in under 1.5 hours.

Quickly and easily charge the monster internal battery to 100% using 65W super-charging in just 90 minutes.

T8 APEX also serves as a 20000mAh rugged outdoor power bank with both USB-A & USB-C ports. With massive capacity and high-powered charging, keep all your mobile devices fully charged on the road.


Start All Types of 12V Vehicle

Instantly jump start any engine up to 8.5L gasoline and 6.0L diesel. With T8 APEX, your big V8 will be hitting the road in a flash!

Sturdy and Steady Shield

Our patented 4-core 20000mAh batteries push the limits in jump starting. Get more restarts from a single charge than ever before.

Don't Worry. Always Ready When You Need It

Restart in a Single Press

Jump starting using another vehicle is slow and not always possible. With T8 APEX, you can restart your car by yourself in the middle of nowhere! Simply clamp on, press the button, and the engine will be reviving immediately.

Upgraded Shark Clamps

The bespoke 171-degree shark clamps increase the electrical contact area and boost up the jump start efficiency by 25%!


0 Damage for You and Your Car

With Fanttik's advanced Smartshield Chip, T8 APEX is able to automatically monitor polarity, the surrounding temperature, and all aspects of battery status. No need to worry about damaging the car battery or shocking yourself.

Illuminate the Darkest Night

T8 APEX comes equipped with a range of lighting options, including flashlight, emergency strobe, and SOS. The ultra-bright 400 lumens lights up the night during breakdowns and emergencies.

Built to be Tough

IP65 Technology Makes T8 Apex Dust-proof & Water-resistant

Planning any outdoor adventures? T8 APEX brushes off rain, mud, and sand on your way!


Versatile and Portable

Despite the massive capacity and high power, this is a surprisingly light product that is easy to carry and store in your trunk.

Extended Guarantee

24-month Hassle-free Warranty.

Q: How do I activate the manual override mode when the battery is dead?
A: Press both the power button and light button at the same time for 3s to get force output, when the "start" indication is shown on the screen, start the vehicle.
Q: What might cause the "ERROR" indicator to turn on?
A: Normally, the "ERROR" indicator will be activated when a reverse polarity, a short circuit, an overheating, or an overcurrent situation occurs.
Q: How do I turn off T8 APEX?
A: Simply press the power button to turn it off. Note that T8 APEX is able to detect its own battery status and can take steps to save power, such as going into sleep mode when the battery is very low.
Q: When fully charged, how long will charge remain in the battery when T8 APEX is not in use?
A: If left in storage, the battery will hold its charge for around 2 years. However, it's recommended that you charge it a little bit every three months, as this will prolong the overall lifespan of the battery.
Q: How long does it take to recharge T8 APEX's battery from flat?
A: It takes around 1.5 hours to fully charge the battery using the provided 65W PD charger. If you use a normal charger, it will take around 5 hours.
Q: Can I use T8 APEX to charge my phone or tablet?
A: Yes, T8 APEX includes both standard USB and USB type-C output ports. You can charge any mobile device simply by connecting it to one of these two ports. For high-power charging via the USB-C port, a cable that supports fast charging will be required.
Q: What is expected lifespan of T8 APEX?
A: It should last for around three to five years if kept in good condition. The battery should support around 500 full recharges.

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