Fanttik X G2G racing team - Know your hero on the NASCAR racing

Fanttik X G2G racing team  - Know your hero on the NASCAR racing

Growing up, a majority of us have dreams of becoming a racecar drivers, winning championships, and basking in unparalleled glory. In doing so, the trailblazers are the ones who have paved the path for us. In this blog, we will hear from such heroes who have made it on the racetrack and brought glory to themselves, the team, and the nation. We will hear about their struggles, challenge, and the fact that it was never a bed of roses from the get-go. Here, we pay tribute to our heroes, get to know them better, and spread their inspiration.

Brennan Poole - Racing Star

BrennaPoole Racing Driver

Brennan Poole (born April 11, 1991) is an acclaimed American professional stock car racing driver, engineer, consultant, driver coach, spotter, and crew chief. He competes in the NASCAR Xfinity Series, driving the No. 47 Chevrolet Camaro for Mike Harmon Racing, the No. 52 Chevrolet Camaro for Jimmy Means Racing, and the No. 6 Chevrolet Camaro for JD Motorsports and in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, driving the Nos. 46 and 47 Toyota Tundra’s for G2G Racing. He has raced in each of NASCAR's top three divisions as well as the ARCA Menards Series where he has multiple wins. Let us hear from the star-spangled racer.

What are some tips for regular Drivers for better car control?

I think you need to get dirt racing experience. Most of the best drivers have raced in some sort of dirt racing series. That experience helps you find the limits of a car as well as the ability to move around the race track and find speed.

What are your tips on braking, accelerating, and turning?

There is an art to breaking and accelerating. Being able to use them together in a way that creates speed on the track is something that's learned over time. The biggest tip I would say is to be smooth on the controls. When you think you are smooth enough, get smoother.

Which Racing schools or instructors would you recommend for beginners wanting to build a career in this sport?

There really aren't any racing schools that teach you how to race ovals. It's a very difficult sport to become a professional. My advice would be to get into a car at a local short track that is an oval and start gaining experience. I have done some road racing schools and my favorite has been Ron Fellow's school. It's out in Nevada but I learned a lot from him about road racing.

What tips or techniques make you a better race driver?

The sport is very much about the mental game. I worked hard on this as I was coming up through the ranks. I think that's the most important part of being a good racecar driver. There are also all the little things like taking notes and watching a film. I spend a lot of time on a simulator practicing before race weekends. The sport is also very physically demanding and you have to train like a marathon athlete. I spend a lot of time during the week on my road bike. In the racecar, your heart rate is on average above 150 for the duration of the race. It's 130 degrees Fahrenheit inside the car. It's not easy to be in those conditions for several hours at a time. Mental game, Preparedness, and being physically fit.

Concluding Thoughts

Therefore, there is one common denominator in the messages from successful NASCAR stars. Never give up, and stay persistent, and success is bound to follow.

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