Fanttik Showcases and Wins Global Media Award in SEMA 2022 In Las Vegas

Fanttik Showcases and Wins Global Media Award in SEMA 2022 In Las Vegas

Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) of the automobile aftermarket was formed in 1963 by Roy Richter, Ed Iskenderian, Els Lohn, Willie Garner, Bob Hedman, Robert E. Wyman, John Bartlett, Phil Weiand Jr, Al Segal, Dean Moon, and Vic Edelbrock Jr. and now consists of 6,383 companies worldwide, bringing together aftermarket manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers (OEM), media, car dealers, specialty equipment distributors, installers, retailers and restoration specialists.

Being one of the trailblazers in the youthful creative automotive industry, it was the perfect show for Fanttik to showcase its catalog.  It was the best place to see thousands of the newest automotive performance products from new and iconic exhibitors, discover the latest product and vehicle trends, and develop essential skills by attending any one of the 70+ free education sessions – all of which were led by top industry professionals. Fanttik was privileged to be a part of the 2022 SEMA extravaganza.

Fanttik SEMA show

Fanttik at SEMA

At Fanttik’s booth, Fanttik exhibited its full catalog – ranging from portable tire inflators to jump starters. Fanttik’s power stations and car vacuum cleaners were real eye-turners. Essentially, your favorite Fanttik X8 line, T8 line, and EVO products really stole the show. Every product was prudently showcased to attendees from unboxing to functionality by the benevolent staff and volunteers of Fanttik. But don’t take our word for it, we have accolades to share!

Fanttik X8 won the Prestigious SEMA Global Media Award

It gives us immense privilege and honor to let all of you know that your beloved Fanttik T8 Portable Tire Inflator won the prestigious SEMA Global Media Award.

The SEMA Global Media Awards Program recognizes outstanding automotive product personalization and customization throughout the world. Since 2004, the SEMA Global Media Awards Program has been a staple of the SEMA Show – the premier automotive accessories trade event in the world. Considering the immensely glorious background of the award, Fanttik is exhilarated to have won the SEMA Global Media Awards 2022 for the Fanttik X8.


Final Marks

It would be an understatement to say that Fanttik at SEMA was a momentous milestone for Fanttik. Rather it was an anthology of the exhibition, showcase, and best of all – glory. Fanttik thanks its engineers, designers, volunteers, and most of all – the beloved fans and supporters to make the event an immense success.

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