X8 or X8 Apex, which tire inflator is right for me?

X8 VS X8 APEX tire inflator

No matter what vehicles you own, you will prepare an emergency kit for you to deal with unexpected situations. The first product you will need is a tire inflator. There’s a high chance that you will encounter undesirable situations on a long ride or even a daily commute. You may experience a flat or a punctured tire. A tire inflator will enable you to repair your tires and help you save time and save money and continue your trip(s). Fanttik has two different cordless tire inflators that fit different purposes and use cases. Cordless tire inflators enable you to deal with your problem quickly and conveniently. So, which one is right for you? Keep reading.

What you need to consider?

1. PSI: The first thing to look out for in a tire inflator is the PSI. Don’t know what that is? No problem. Read on

What Does the PSI on Vehicle Tires Mean? Why is PSI important?

PSI stands for pounds per square inch. It refers to the minimum amount of air pressure that is needed for the tires to operate optimally. First, the car owners need to know their car's psi from the car’s users’ manual, and also need to check them regularly.

The following table is a great resource on PSI you need for your car.

This Image is a guideline about Vehicle
Image from endurancewarranty.com​​

2.  Inflation speed of a tire inflator. Why does that matter?

Inflation speed is regulated by the PSI of the tire inflator. When deciding which PSI you want in a tire inflator, it is important to keep in mind the tires of your car, what size, how heavy duty, and more. A truck, for example, cannot have its tires filled by a tire inflator that is usually suited for a bike, as it would take too long and likely overpower the capacity of the tire inflator.

3. Battery Capacity

Not all tire inflators are battery-powered. First, a battery-powered tire inflator means you don’t have to use outside sources to support the power of the tire inflator to pump tires. The battery capacity indicates how many times you can pump your tires. Most tire inflators will explicitly mention their capacity and charge time.

4. Digital Display, what are the differences between the traditional gauge and digital display? 

Digital screens will provide more comfortable and intuitive interactions for car owners to set up the modes and the status of progression. In this day and age, it would be fruitless to buy one without a digital display.

5. Ease of Use Features

You don’t want to over-inflate the tires. An ease-of-use tire inflator will have some features like auto detect and shut off. So, the car owner will be free from the anxiety of the hassles of over and under-inflating tires.

Which one should you buy?

Basic Features Comparison

X8 Apex
Pressure PSI
Max 150psi
Max 150psi
Battery Capacity
Inflated Speed
Digital Display
5 inflation modes
5 inflation modes

Key Experiment data to guide your purchase

  • Quantity with Max power Inflation (0%-100%)

X8 (# Tires) X8 APEX (# Tires)
Standard Sedan (36 PSI) 2 4
General SUV Tire (38 PSI) 2 4
Motorcycle Tire (34 PSI) 6 13
Racing Bicycle Tire(135 PSI) 7 26
Basketball Size 7 (8 PSI) 26 52

  • Inflation Time For Each From (0%-100%)

X8 Inflation Time X8 APEX Inflation Time
Standard Sedan (36 PSI) 9 mins 5 mins
General SUV Tire (38 PSI  11 mins 6 mins
Motorcycle Tire (34 PSI) 9 mins 4 mins
Racing Bicycle Tire(135 PSI) 2 mins 15 s
Basketball Size 7 (8 PSI) 25 s 22 s

X8 tire inflator
X8 Apex Tire Inflator


First, the price is different. Second, you might have to think about what vehicles you use and maintain frequently. If you are a car owner, and you drive cars at least 7 times a week, then X8 Apex must be a good pick for you. However, if you ride bikes or motorcycles much more often, then X8 will be a good choice and value.

How to use a tire inflator to pump your tires?

Final Thoughts

Regardless, of which one you choose, a tire inflator is an essential accessory to carry if you are commuting or traveling by car, motorbike, bicycle, or even truck. Therefore, based on your needs, it is imperative that you pick the right one for you.

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