How to Jumpstart a Car the Right Way?

How to Jumpstart a Car the Right Way?

If you have been a frequent driver, you have likely come across the following dreadful experience. Early morning you put your keys to turn up your ignition and instead of revving up, you are faced with a dud! Today, we will discuss how to get out of this distress – both the traditional way and the modern fast-and-hassle-free process.

The Traditional Process

The traditional way is a thing of the past. Several portable jump starters have hit the market with exciting features. Among them, the Fanttik T8 Apex is a trailblazer both for its feature-packed engineering and its slick supercar looks. Fanttik has won the IF Design Award and Red Dot Design Award for their novel engineering. The Apex has a battery capacity of 20,000 mAh, meaning theoretically it can keep its charge for multiple years.  It has an output voltage of 12V which is the standard for all modern vehicles’ batteries. So, it is compatible with all major cars.


Another great characteristic is that it has a peak current rating of 20,000 Amps – meaning it can handle motorbikes to monster trucks alike. It is compatible with gas engines up to 8.5L and diesel engines up to 6.0L. Just as a frame of reference, most sedans are only 2.5L, SUVs are 6.0L and motorbikes are 1.5L engines. Remember, the last step is to ground the circuit in the traditional method to avoid short circuits (which can be very unsafe)? The T8 Apex gives you peace of mind by providing unparalleled safety features. Using Fanttik’s in-house SmartShield® Chip, it packs more than 10 types of protection. It covers protection against sparks, reverse charges, reverse polarity, overcharging, and short circuits. Finally, it comes with all the accessories you will need and then some. Gone are the days of jumper cables.

Traditional Way to jump start a car

In the olden days, you would need another car, perhaps call up your neighbor and jumpstart your engine from the second car. Second, you’ll need a fellow driver who is willing to lend a helping hand. Then begins the tedious work. You will also need two-way jumper cables to connect the two batteries of two cars.

Step 1: First, face both vehicles towards each other and park. It’s advisable to engage the parking brake for safety.

Step 2: Open both hoods and locate the batteries. Remove the plastic hood if needed.

Step 3: Find the positive and negative battery terminals.

Step 4: Connect the red clamp of the jumper cable to the positive post on the dead battery.

Step 5: Connect the other red clamp of the jumper cable to the positive post on the working battery.

Step 6: Connect the black clamp to the negative post of the jumper cable on the working battery.

Step 7: Connect the final black clamp of the jumper cable to an unpainted metal surface of your car. This step is crucial to ground the full circuit. It is imperative to safely do the process.

Step 8: Start the engine of the car with a good battery.

Step 9: Try to start your engine


With any luck and if the stars align, your car will start. However, as you can see – this is a tedious affair for several reasons.

Why is this a Hassle and a Major Worry

In the traditional process, there are several prerequisites. First, you need a second car (and possibly another person). Second, you need jumper cables. Third, you really need to be handy with cables which many are not comfortable with. Finally, although this is a fairly common process, safety is a big concern. This is a major headache for drivers of any automobile.


But not anymore! With the advent of portable jump starters, you can jump-start your car’s dead battery within minutes. Best of all – it is all by yourself! Let’s introduce the best of the bunch in the market in this domain – the Fanttik X8 Apex.

Fanttik T8 Apex to the Rescue

How to Jump Start your Car with the Fanttik T8 Apex

It may sound like a miracle, but it is a simple three-step process:


Step 1: Ensure the car is fully turned off, including all lights, and then pop open the car’s hood and wait 30 seconds.

Step 2: Even if you plug it into the wrong one, the T8 Apex’s reverse-polarity protection will prevent short-circuits.

Step 3: Turn on the Apex until the screen displays “Start”. Start the car and push down a bit on the gas to rev up the engine.


It is that simple!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video would be worth a million at least. Observe how highly regarded Youtuber RodrickViews jumpstarts his car with the T8 Apex in this video

What to do if you failed to jump-start your car?

In either approach, if your battery is physically malfunctioning, you will need to service or replace it. Still, there are some steps to troubleshoot.


Test 1: Do you hear a clicking noise? Your starter might be malfunctioning.

Test 2: Does your electrical system still turn on (lights, stereo, etc.)? If yes, you might have an issue with the ignition switch, battery, starter, or fuse.

Test 3: Did your car die immediately after a successful jump? Try again and be sure to let your car run for a longer period after the jump. This helps your battery recharge more fully.


If none of this work, it is advisable to call a professional technician and have your car battery checked and tested.

Final Thoughts

Fanttik T8 APEX Jump Starter

For any car driver, a portable jump-starter is a must-have companion in this day and age. Thankfully, there are several options in the market. On top of that, we have covered the cream of the crop. It is always nice to have options when shopping for the best jump starter or booster for your needs. There is no contest when it comes to striking the perfect balance of value and features with the T8 Apex. Glorified by thousands of users, and winning multiple awards, it is the one worth your consideration for avoiding a dead battery and smooth jump starting.


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