5 reasons why you should always have a jump starter with you

Do you need a jump starter?


Certain automobile accessories are crucial for any driver. For example, a car should carry all tools to change tires. Given the more ubiquitous usage of electronics, the battery is now as important as the engine. As such, the importance of the battery and its dependency has only grown over the years. Therefore, in a modern car, the ignition of the engine is done from a spark delivered by the battery. Without that, the car will not start. You need a jump starter exactly for the situations when the battery would not oblige. Therefore, a jump starter is not a tool you will likely use every day. However, it is a crucial tool to carry for unexpected situations when the battery does not oblige. Having it can help yourself or a friend in very difficult situations.

That said, let us look at what you are empowering yourself with a jump starter.  Then let us cover when you may not need a jump starter.

Why you need a jump starter ?

There is a myriad of scenarios where a jump starter is invaluable.

Independently boost your battery

The first and most important advantage of portable jump starters is self-reliance. You will never need to rely on others. Relying on others is always undesirable.  If you are stuck on the road this becomes extremely unsafe. With a portable jump starter, you are completely independent. The jump starter will boost your battery on its own without the help of anyone. So, you can get yourself back on the road easily within seconds. Also, being able to power your own car is especially convenient when no one is around or available to help.

More convenient than jumper cables

Jumper cable VS Jump Starter

Traditionally, to jumpstart your car, you would need another car. Perhaps call up your neighbor and jumpstart your engine from the second car. You’d need a fellow driver who is willing to lend a helping hand. Then begins the tedious work. You would also need two-way jumper cables to connect the two batteries of two cars. This is inconvenient and unsafe. A jump starter resolves these issues in an all-in-one solution.

Flashlight needs

Most portable jump starters come with strong LED flashlights. It is primarily designed to help you jump-start your vehicle in the dark. However, the flashlight can be used for any situation requiring a clear line of sight.

On-road charging of electronics

Whether it's a cellphone or an iPad, modern jump starters often work as battery chargers. Getting stuck with dead electronics while on the road is never ideal and in case of emergencies, it is not prudent. Jump starters like the Fanttik T8 Apex solve these issues conveniently. It works as a jump starter alongside a powerful power bank.

Assisting others

As it has been discussed, a lot of dependence is involved when a battery dies. So, even if you have a portable jump starter, a fellow driver may not. It is always great to be a good Samaritan at those times.

Why you may not need a jump starter ?

The primary reason for having a jump starter steps from a weakened battery. If you always keep your vehicle’s battery in top shape, you will quite unlikely be in such a position. However, by the laws of physics, it is impossible to guarantee it. Frequent servicing of the battery can also run the cost high. Therefore, even when you think you do not need one, it is worth the investment.


In conclusion, if you weigh what you get for a high-quality jump starter, it is prudent to have one if you drive any vehicle. Not just for the situations of a jump start, but also for convenience and safety.

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