Must have Car accesorries for college students

Must have Car accesorries for college students

As Labor Day approaches, the Back-to-School preparations go full throttle. During the momentous time of the year, vehicle owners have their unique necessities to stock up on. Several excellent feature-packed portable accessories can make all commuting convenient and safe. This is a godsend for college and high school students and parents alike. No longer is Back to School restricted to notebooks and pens, rather vehicle care is just as important in present times. Moreover, safety is paramount as winter is knocking at the door. The harsh weather necessitates several specific needs for car safety for the campus and school travels. 

Here are some extraordinary accessories for your car that strikes the perfect balance of utility and value. 

Fanttik X8 Apex Tire Inflator





The first is an extremely versatile tire inflator with a plethora of convenience features. The Fanttik X8 APEX is one of the top-of-the-line compact handheld inflators that can inflate cars to trucks, EVs to basketballs. Anything inflatable is under the umbrella of the X8 Apex. 


The X8 Apex includes the crucial pressure gauge i.e., the feature to measure the current pressure of the tires. This is of utmost importance so that car owners do not over/underinflate the cars. So, it protects against these adverse phenomena for tires. 


It is much more than a tire inflator with a myriad of convenience features. On the top of this air pump is a 3-mode LED light providing convenience for inflating and changing tires in the dark. There is a 5V/3A USB-C input port on the bottom and a 5V/2A USB-A output port, making it an emergency power supply for your phone. 

The Fanttik X8 Apex has been reviewed by a myriad of esteemed influencers and reviewers, such as Silver Cymbal, to name a few. 

The highly acclaimed automotive platform declared the Fanttik X8 as “The Best Overall Tire Inflator”. They pit the top 5 tire inflators with gauges in the market in 2022 against each other. "In the automotive industry, there may not be a quicker tire inflator with gauges than the Fanttik X8," said Alan Pounder - the veteran in automobile equipment from Motor1.

Fanttik X8 Portable Tire Inflator

Right next to the Apex, the X8 is a more portable tire inflator with tons of features which is even more portable. It is perfect for smaller vehicles, bicycles, and other inflatables.


Fanttik’s best-seller, the X8 provides powerful inflation and many of the same features as the premium X8 Apex but at a modest price point. Featuring a high-performance chip and 150psi capacity, this powerful air compressor inflates fast. Its features and speed have won the X8 the prestigious MUO Editor’s Choice Award. When fully charged, it can continuously inflate 7 motorcycle tires (110/70 R17) from 0-35psi, taking 2.5 minutes to fully inflate a motorcycle tire. The most exciting feature of the X8 is its attractive appearance. The form is pleasingly rounded and pebble-like. Thus it fits nicely in the palm of one’s hand and is ready to be packed in a backpack as an adventurous companion. It has also been widely endorsed by motorbike enthusiasts on social media.

X8 Tire inflator

Which one to choose between the X8 and X8 Apex?

If you are torn between the X8 and X8 Apex, feel free to read this guide to make an educated choice. They are both excellently engineered with several distinct use cases in mind.

Fanttik T8 Apex Jump Starter

Early morning on your way to campus or your child’s school you put your keys to turn up your ignition and instead of revving up, you are faced with a dud! In the olden days, you would need another car, maybe call up your neighbor and jumpstart your engine from the second car. But that is a thing of the past. Several portable jump starters have hit the market with exciting features. Among them, the Fanttik T8 Apex is a trailblazer both for its feature-packed engineering and its slick supercar looks. Fanttik has won the IF Design Award and Red Dot Design Award for their novel engineering. The brand also hit Amazon’s Top 3 Chart this year.


Fanttik T8 APEX is a portable automotive jump starter and booster capable of jumpstarting sedans to trucks. It is engineered with state-of-the-art high-performance metrics, high stability, and convenient features. Moreover, it has a sleek supercar profile. In addition, the T8 APEX can provide a 2,000A peak current allowing jump-starting up to 8.5L Gas / 6.0L Diesel vehicles. It can achieve 50 times jump-start with its 4-cell 20,000mAh battery. T8 APEX has a forced start function for dead cars, safe and spark-free operation. It fast-charges laptops, phones, and other devices as well. T8 Apex is the best tool to jump-start a dead car battery on the side of the road. Reviewers have called it “a lifesaver” numerous times.


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