How can I learn about cars from zero?

How can I learn about cars from zero?

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As it is 2022 and we are getting out of a pandemic, your resources are most likely digital. That is an excellent medium to learn about cars from scratch. As an instructor myself, the steps I recommend are as follows:

  1. Get Your Feet Wet (Exposure): Forget anything and everything technical about cars. Visit car websites and look at the amazing pictures. Let your enthusiasm kick in. Since you are already interested, you’d be inquisitive about how they work, which is better and so many questions. That is the first spark of motivation.
  2. Resources: Next, it is time to answer the questions you have had in the previous step. There are hundreds of boos and thousands of books about car beginners out there. One of my favorite mini books with a lot of illustrations is “How Cars Work” by Tom Newton. Although it is an old book, it is the easiest read for a beginner in my view. Apart from books (which I assume few read these days), visit websites. Some amazing sources are Autoblog, Just a Car Guy, CarscoopsPetrolicious, and many more.
  3. Discussion Boards/Forums: Always remember, that you are not the only one. Many other enthusiasts are at different levels. Everyone can help one another in many aspects. I find this to be the most effective means of knowledge dissemination. Forums like Car Talk Community, Edmunds, and Automotive Forums are goldmines for you to interact with others. You can ask questions, share insights, and so forth.

Lastly, there’s always a large number of YouTubers who can inspire you. So, a simple search on Youtube can get you up to speed on any aspect of automobiles. It is a fascinating world of cars out there – wish you the best and welcome aboard.

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