Is there a difference between an electric car and a full electric car?

electric car
The primary motivation behind this question is likely the wording of “electric” and “fully electric”. This likely indicates that only “electric” is an umbrella term for both hybrids and EVs whereas “fully electric” are solely EVs e.g., Tesla.Technically speaking, fully electric cars have only a battery to store an electric charge. In contrast, hybrid electric cars have both a battery and a gasoline engine. Depending on the model, a full-electric car can travel 100 to 300 miles before the batteries need charging.Hybrid electric cars have a gas engine that kicks in once the batteries run out of power, typically after 15 to 50 miles of travel.

Electric Car Sales Trend

Quarterly light-duty vehicle sales by powertrain
Presently hybrids have a larger share over EVs. However fully electric vehicles (EVs) are taking over the market share as an initiative for global sustainability.

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