Is it safe to ride a motorcycle with old tires?

Is it safe to ride a motorcycle with old tires?

The short answer is absolutely not but it depends on “how old” we are talking about here. Every motorbike tire comes with a manufacturing date and has a lifespan. Just like anything with a certain lifespan, it will die out at some point. Therefore, if you keep riding a motorbike with very old tires, they are bound to give out and lead to hazards for the biker and also the bike itself.

Technically speaking, in manufacturing, every tire is dated. This gives the lifespan in motion. Any biker can determine how old the tires are by checking the Tire Identification Number (TIN) on the tire sidewall. The last four digits tell the week and year of manufacturing. For example, 1317 represents the thirteenth week of 2017 (see the picture).

Most specialists recommend stopping riding on motorcycle tires more than five years old. However, the new tires that are bought could potentially be several years old. So, buying from a reputed company that sells “really new” tires.

If you use tires older than 5 years old, you will face tire tread, cracks, cuts, punctures, under inflation, among other hazards. So, do not cheap out on tires and get your motorbike tires checked frequently, and buy from reputed sellers.

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