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Made for Power

The massive 299Wh battery capacity and 300W AC power output
give you plenty of power for camping, hunting, or emergencies.
Fully recharge the power station in just 2.5 hours using the 90W wall charger
and a 60W PD charger simultaneously.

Made for Versatility

The 9 AC & DC outputs on the EVO 300 can power multiple electronic devices at once.
The 4 inputs make recharging very flexible too.

Large LCD Display

Made for Planet

EVO 300 supports recharging from sunlight with an EVO Solar 100
solar panel in 3.5-6 hours. Solar energy is sustainable, clean, and free.
It’s also the perfect power source for campers, RV users, and other adventurers while they’re off the grid.


Built-In Lighting

The bright light on the back provides effective illumination for camping, and can also be used as a flashlight to
show the way. Features normal, bright, and strobe modes for different needs.

Portable Power

To maximize portability for journies and outdoor living, EVO 300 is compact and lightweight.
A comfortable, durable handle makes it easy to carry wherever you go.


Fanttik’s Smartshield chip ensures complete safety. 12 types of protection monitor & manage every
aspect of status and operation including temperature, current, and voltage.

IP65 Water Resistant

EVO 300 is protected against splashing water and sudden showers.
It’s also dustproof.

Made for Outdoors

EVO 300 is our first portable power station, made for self-sufficient outdoor living.
Take the power with you when you go off-grid. Charge a variety of devices and run small appliances on every outdoor adventure.

Q: What are the occasions of portable power station EVO 300?
A: Indoor and outdoor use such as:
Home backup
Communication device
Outdoor adventure/camping /travel/tailgating/van life
Disaster relief like hurricane/flood/wild fire/film-making/photography/ drone…
Medical devices like CPAP
With the portable power station, you will never miss in dark when lose power.
Q: What types of charging ports is the power station EVO 300 equipped with?
A: Our Power Stations featured with multiple Outputs: AC, DC, and USB ports that can power up all kinds of small electronic gadgets ranging from laptops, smartphones, drones, cameras, CPAP and much more.
Q: What can I power using the AC port?
A: The AC port can power AC appliances rated under 300W.
Q: How do I know if my EVO 300 is charged?
A: To check the charge level of the EVO 300, refer to the LCD battery display.
Q: Can EVO 300 be recharged while it is charging something else?
A: Yes, EVO 300 supports pass-through charging. However, doing this may cause some damage to the battery.
Q: How to recharge EVO 300 power station?
A: Our power station can be recharged by wall charger/solar panel/car charger/PD60w. It takes only 2 hours to recharge 80% battery of the power station through the wall outlet and 60W PD USB-C port simultaneously.

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