Fanttik Presents Its Award-winning Vacuum Cleaner for Mother's Day

Fanttik Presents Its Award-winning Vacuum Cleaner for Mother's Day

You expose your car to dust particles and probably many allergens from your shoes and other externalities every time you open the door to get in. The car can swiftly get dirtier than ever imagined, even if you can’t see it. Therefore, keeping your car spotless is more crucial than you might have realized. A clean car not only looks excellent but also increases its longevity. Therefore, a portable car vacuum cleaner is an essential cleaning tool for vehicles. All car owners now frequently use portable vacuum cleaners because of their convenience, efficiency, and versatility. But you should consider the following when choosing the right vacuum cleaner for your car. 

How do I choose the right car vacuum cleaner?

Suction prowess for debris and dirt: A portable vacuum cleaner for your car’s interior must have excellent cleaning capabilities, which will be a significant advantage. Because they are designed primarily for small spaces, portable car vacuum cleaners are highly effective at removing dirt, dust, debris, and pet hair from your car's interior. With their strong motors and unique attachments explicitly created for cleaning cars, you can effortlessly reach corners, crannies, and challenging areas. They can be utilized for various cleaning jobs inside and outside your car due to their adaptability. But you must be careful not to get an underpowered one.  The V7 Pocket Car Vacuum has a suction power of 27AW/11kPa, which translates to the magnitude of force strong enough to remove any stubborn dust and particles, leaving spaces spotlessly clean. The suction power of the V7 Pocket is twice as strong as that of typical handheld cordless vacuum cleaners. Its 90,000 rpm brushless motor has a lifespan that is roughly ten times longer than a brushed motor.  

Must have enough reach factor for hard-to-access areas: One of the significant advantages of a portable car vacuum cleaner is its accessibility to tight spaces in a car, such as those in the trunk, between the seats, and beneath the floor mat. So, you must ensure your car vac has the right accessories. Your car’s console, vents, door pockets, and cup holders must all be cleaned. My V7 Pocket came with a plethora of attachments, nozzles, and crevice tools that can be daisy-chained, so I can clean every corner inside the car and even the trunk. I can also use it to clean the car’s mats, upholstery, and carpets, removing accumulated dirt, crumbs, and garbage. 

Portability: A car vacuum cleaner must be portable. Portability and compact profile are two of its main benefits for your car. They need to be small and light, making them simple to carry and handle compared to standard vacuum cleaners that are not mobile. The one I use – the V7 Pocket car vacuum, weighs only 1 lb. but is a powerhouse for a car. It is ideal for cleaning the car’s interior and even the trunk. 

Run time and battery life must be adequate: Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners, portable handheld car vacs are cordless and run on rechargeable batteries. Therefore, run time and battery life are two important factors to consider. Since you would not need more than 10-20 minutes of continuous usage to clean the car entirely, they usually pack great run time prowess for a complete car cleaning at full charge. The V7 Pocket offers two modes – standard and ECO, offering 12 and 27 minutes of run time, respectively. Additionally, the advent of USB-C charging provides unprecedented convenience and versatility. 

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