Powering women to go further, Happy Women's Day

Fanttik Happy Women's day

“This is a man's world, this is a man's world

But it wouldn't be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl”

-- James Brown


With this year’s theme of EmbraceEquity, Fanttik celebrates every single woman from every walk of life bringing vibrance and positivity not only with grace and elegance but with intellect and hard work from arts to sciences, bikes to cars.

Challenge yourself, be ambitious with no limits

On the road to self-improvement or personal growth, you must challenge yourself. The challenges you take on test your resiliency, grit, and determination because — they're simultaneously challenging and beautiful. The challenges you set for yourself to meet are totally your own, whether you're pushing yourself to uplift your spirit or elevate yourself. Your life, your choice!

Fanttik as a brand has always been a frontrunner in not only equal opportunity but also in gender equity.

“My husband and I were discussing the roles of men and women when I told him, ‘A woman can do everything that a man can,’” said a Mumbai woman featured on the Humans of Bombay. Turns out, she went out and proved exactly what she said. The woman works as a taxi driver. “I worked before getting married and continued after. But it was difficult to manage full-time work with my kids and home, so I took up odd jobs,” she said.

“I was nervous they’d judge my driving; instead, they were shocked! They’d never seen a female taxi driver–one of them got me chocolate after the ride!”

One of the success stories in the realm of moto-influencers is Alex Hirschi. She is currently the most well-known car influencer online under the name Supercar Blondie, and as such, she also earns the most money from each post: an estimated $1.4 million, whether it be a YouTube video or a tweet. The Australian expat who resides full-time in Dubai, is living the automotive enthusiast's dream life by traveling to auto shows around the globe, getting to take test drives in some of the most expensive and rare cars in the world, and interacting with industry leaders, celebrities, and car collectors. She even developed her own collection of automobiles.

“I felt hugely judged in this space when I was starting out. I didn’t just feel judged, I was judged,” she says. “I was almost always the only woman in the room at car events. There would be lots of whispering when I walked in the room and a lot of bullying behind the scenes. It wasn’t fun. Not only was a judged as a woman in this space; but I also wasn’t a car expert.” She further recalls, “I was talking about cars in layman’s terms so that we (men and women) could all understand and be a part of this (car enthusiast) world.”

We at Fanttik call upon every woman to have faith in yourself, embrace your own individuality, believe in your own abilities, and accept your unique skills and talents, and to use them optimally and fearlessly to contribute to the world around you.  You are born to Win…Think Big...Dream Big...Achieve Big.  Wishing you all a very Happy Women’s Day!

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