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How to choose your car vacuum?

Vacuum cleaners are omnipresent in households nowadays. However, when it comes to cars and other automobiles, cleaning brings about unique challenges. Furthermore, cars have a notorious reparation for being hard to clean yet easy to get dirty. Portable and handheld vacuum cleaners fill the void of this very use case that other gadgets simply cannot fulfill. Here, let’s dive in and discover them and see some recommendations without breaking the bank. 

Why would you want a handheld vacuum cleaner for the car?

Personally, a handheld car vacuum cleaner is more of a necessity for me than a luxury, as is for most people. For someone with a pet and a car, the combo can get quite challenging. A handheld vacuum cleaner comes to the rescue at both homes and in the car. 

Specifications to watch for

Let’s get the numbers and technical specs out of the way first. When you are buying a portable handheld vacuum cleaner for the car the following parameters are important to watch for.  

1. Weight and single-handed use

When it comes to the car, the lighter gadget you can get, the better. Since this will be used on the go, try to find one that weighs under 5 lbs. Even that is on the heavier side. The present one I use is a mere 2.24 lbs which is perfect for single-handed use for the V9 Mate and a featherlike 1.2 lbs. for the V8 Mate.   

2. Relevant attachments for proper reach

Regardless of which one you pick up, it will come with an assortment of accessories and attachments. However, this can be deceiving. You should look closely for the attachments that are right for you. In my estimation, the longer the crevice tool is, the better reach I get in hard-to-access parts of the car.   

3. Dust bin size

Every handheld vacuum cleaner has a compartment where the trash gets stored. Having a larger dustbin means you need to empty them less frequently and get to spend more time and attention on the real task at hand. It would save time and hassle. 

4. Suction Power

This is crucial. It is usually measured in Pascals (Pa or kPa), the standard pressure metric. You will likely find handheld vacs between 5 and 13 kPa. The higher the value, the more suction power you will get. If it’s too low, it can only handle light dust and hairs, etc. whereas one with high power (around 13 kPa, which I use now for both the V9 and V8), can suck out visible solid debris, dirt, and chips alongside micro dust, hairs, and other small particles.

5. Motor

The motor in handheld vacuum cleaners is the engine of the machine. What you want is one that works more effortlessly as possible. You will likely see two variants – brushed and brushless motors. Brushed ones use carbon brush which has a lower lifespan, weaker speeds, and a bigger size profile. In contrast, brushless motors do not use carbon brushes and have almost triple the lifespan of brushed ones, are more portable, and work more effortlessly.

Why you should choose Fanttik?

Fanttik V8 Mate
Fanttik V9 mate
  • Definitely, It is the best choice for Sedan
  • Ultra Light Wireless - Only 1.2lbs (540g), a bottle of water weighs, Compact and portable, the attached storage bag is convenient for car storage.
  • A Variety of Practical Accessories - Extension tubes and extension hoses to easily clean hard-to-reach corners, brush to clean stubborn dust from crevasses, Multi-surface brush and Pet brush suitable for carpet and picking up pet hair on fabric surfaces. 
  • Powerful Suction - High-speed brushless motor provides strong suction of 30AW/12kPa to easily pick up stubborn sand, dust and debris. Two-gear suction adjustment, low gear can be used for 30 minutes, high gear can be used for 12 minutes
  • USB-C Fast Charging - Use the Type-C fast charging cable to charge it anytime, anywhere, and it can be fully charged in as fast as 2 hours. 
  • Double Filtration - Double filter system can filter out 99.95% of particles. The stainless steel filter and HEPA filter can be washed and reused. If you wash the HEPA filter, please assemble it after the filter is completely dry.

  • You don't wan to miss it if you have an SUV or a truck.
  • For Spotless Cleaning - 4ft. flexible hose with various accessories including Crevice tool/Push-in brush/Extension tool, allows you to reach all areas of your car while other hand Vacs cannot. 
  • Easy to Use - At only 2.2 lbs.
  • Intelligent Digital Display - The digital display shows the remaining battery charge and other metrics. The smart filter sensor detects when the filter becomes clogged and needs to be cleaned, helping you to maintain the advanced cleaning performance. 
  • High Performance & Low Noise - Innovative air cyclone system with 80,000 RPM brushless motor creates a highly efficient system with high performance and low noise. Max mode supplies 40AW/13kPa suction and vacuum, while ECO mode accommodates 30 minutes run-time for long time cleaning
  • USB-C Fast Charging - Intelligent fast charging design with the provided USB TYPE-C charging cable provides DC 5V 3A/ 9V 2A for full charging in 2 hours. Please note that the fast charging is guaranteed exclusively with the standard fast charger

With the ubiquitous development in thoughtful engineering, value for money has skyrocketed. Now, you can get a handheld portable vacuum cleaner for your car for around $100 which would have cost you tenfold even several years ago. The Fanttik V8 Mate and V9 Mate are prime examples of this.  


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