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How to Use a Portable Tire Inflator?

How to Use a Portable Tire Inflator?

You should know a few crucial things to maximize the use of your portable tire inflator. As explained in the following step-by-step guide, we have compiled everything you need to know. First, we will see how to use a tire inflator in general, and then you will be presented with a presentation on the Fanttik X8 Apex portable tire inflator that will do all the preceding steps in one go!

1. Check the tire pressure

The first step is to check your tires’ air pressure. The best time to perform this is when the tires are cold, ideally after the vehicle hasn’t been driven for around three hours. Warm tires will produce a wrong PSI reading. You can check the psi using an air pressure gauge that is reasonably cheap.

2. Connect the inflator

Depending on the compressor type, connect the compressor to its power source, which may be a 12-volt automobile adapter socket, a 120-volt outlet, or a battery. To your tire, attach the air hose. You might need to add an adapter at the end of the air line. Most inflators allow you to use extensions to connect the air hose to various valves.

3. Set the desired pressure

Some tire inflators let you set your target psi pressure. However, if your inflator does not have this feature, you must use your judgment and your hand to see if your automobile’s tires are firm enough. This, though, does not guarantee you got the perfect psi level or pressure.

4. Inflate the tire

Once you have set the target pressure, start your inflator and let it run for a few minutes. But be very careful because you don’t want to overinflate your tire. If you keep on pumping air without any safety feature in your inflator, then you run the risk of bursting your tire. To learn more, check our blog - What’s the effect of incorrect tire inflation? That is why the tire inflators from Fanttik implement immunity against over and underinflation from the get-go.

5. Disconnect the inflator

After the inflator has run for a few minutes and reached the target psi level, turn off the inflator and disconnect the air hose from the tire valve. Be very cautious removing the hose as pressurized air may still escape from the inflator. Remove the hose with a firm tug to ensure it's no longer attached to the tire valve.

6. Recheck the pressure

For the utmost accuracy, use a quality tire pressure gauge to recheck the psi in each tire. Compare this reading to the recommended pressure listed in the owner's manual or the vehicle placard located in the driver's side door jamb or fuel door. Add or release air as needed until the desired pressure is reached. Proper inflation is key to safe driving, maximizing the life of your tires, and improving gas mileage.

Use Fanttik tire inflator in one step

Here comes the magic! If you prefer to do one single step instead of the six-step process described above, grab the Fanttik X8 Apex and join the set-and-forget philosophy. With a single step, you can achieve laser-precise pressure in your cars within seconds. The X8 Apex, the company’s flagship inflator, has a maximum pressure of 150 PSI to meet various inflation needs, from recreational inflatables like sports balls to tires on vehicles, motorbikes, bicycles, and more. With accuracy to within 1 psi, the X8 APEX promises 50% faster inflation speeds than conventional inflators thanks to cutting-edge technology and a strong motor. One car tire may be filled with no air pressure with the inflator in five minutes.

The Fanttik X8 Apex is a largely automatic inflator meaning that once it reaches the desired pressure, it will shut off on its own to prevent overinflation. The automatic shutdown, which can withstand up to 150 psi, also functions on high-pressure objects like basketballs or tires.

The directional button pad and simple iconography make operating the X8 Apex exceedingly easy. There are two operating modes: preset or manual. To cycle between the presets, which include the presets for car, bike, ball, and motorbike, press the right button (with a circular arrow) after briefly holding down the power button to turn on the X8 Apex. Simply connect the hose, adjust the required pressure using the up and down controls, and start the device by pressing the power button. Once the hose is connected, the current pressure will be determined. And then just set and forget! Just press the button, and your tire will be inflated to the intended pressure safely while you can monitor the pressure on the screen every moment.

A flat tire is never enjoyable, but it is even less pleasant if a manual or traditional pump is required. It’s simple to justify placing the X8 Apex in your backpack or the backseat of the car for family road trips because it also comes with a backup battery and an emergency flashlight. So, besides ease of use and versatility, you can overtake many hassles and get yourself the Fanttik X8 Apex to achieve the same outcome (and then some) but with utmost peace of mind.

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