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Fanttik V7 Pocket Cordless Car Vacuum and X8 Portable Tire Inflator

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V7 Car Vacuum:

-Ultra-Light Wireless: Weighing only 1 LB. V7 combined with an ergonomic grip design and a non-slip handle, it's a breeze to complete the cleaning task. Wireless design covers a variety of dead corners, making it extremely versatile.

-Graceful Interaction: Intelligent color screen display enables monitoring the state of the vacuum, gear, power, and suction - at a glance. Enjoy the convenience of the intelligent age.

-Powerful Long-lasting Suction: Rated at 27AW/11kPa, the suction is strong enough to remove any stubborn dust and particle. With a 2-times stronger suction power, the lifespan of a 90,000-rpm brushless motor is approximately 10 times longer than that of a brushed motor.

-Ultimate Experience with Low Noise: Fine-tune the aerodynamic tech to reduce the harshness of the noise, which is less noise than a hair dryer.

-USB-C Fast Charging: Comes with USB-C charging cable with wide compatibility.

X8 Tire Inflator:

-Inflate Anything, from Balls to Tires: Features with high-performance chip and 150psi high-pressure capacity. This powerful air compressor inflates fast. When fully charged, it can continuously inflate 7 motorcycle tires(110/70 R17) from 0-35psi; 2.5mins to fully inflate a motorcycle tire. Perfect for inflating cars, motorcycles, bikes, balls, swim rings, and other inflatables.

-Precise and Controlled Inflation: The large digital pressure gauge displays both the current and target side by side with +/- 1 psi accuracy. Keep inflating only up to the desired pressure and no further.

-Portable, Cordless, Hassle-free: The compact and lightweight design is for easy storage and super convenient for you to take it anywhere. Battery-operated inflation ensures a smooth journey on the road with no worries about flat tires.

-5 Preset Modes: 4 types of preset inflation modes(bicycles, motorcycles, cars, and balls) are clearly displayed on the giant LED screen, convenient for you to choose. The manual mode allows you to set pressure values according to the inflation object, and the inflation stops automatically at the set pressure. Relatively easy to use.


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Fanttik V7 Pocket Cordless Car Vacuum and X8 Portable Tire Inflator

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